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Discover your dream job as a Chef

The most senior role in the kitchen is that of a chef. You will be responsible for all food production, development of the new menu, supervision of the kitchen staff and most importantly creating new delicious meals. As the restaurant sector in the UK is growing fast, it is time to share your love for food with others.

The role of a Chef

The responsibilities of a chef are to design and plan thoroughly an everyday menu, be responsible and monitor the preparation of the meals and check the quality of the food before it leaves the kitchen. Dealing with customer complaints and keeping up and maintaining the reputation of the kitchen is part of a chef’s role. A chef’s role is not only in the kitchen but also in the office; chefs often deal with budgets, expenses and the income of the restaurant.

The qualities of an excellent Chef

In order to succeed in this position, a chef needs to show that over the years they have developed good technical skills, meaning knowing how to cook and choosing the foods that make the best menus. As it is a top position in the kitchen, you need to have knowledge and experience in managing employees and maintaining a successful working environment. Expert culinary knowledge and the ability to track inventory are also essential skills. Sous chef, cooks and serving staff all work under a chef, therefore, you must have excellent communication skills and be able to train the team accordingly.

Average earnings of a Chef

Depending on your role and working environment, you are often able to choose your own working hours when working as a chef. Because of this, starting salaries range between £12-16,000, however, an experienced head chef can expect to earn up to £56,000. Chef salaries differ depending on where you work, check out openings in Birmingham, Bath or Leeds.

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