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Hospitality Jobs in the UK

There’s a lot more to hospitality jobs than just hotel management positions. Anything from food services to health and fitness fall under the hospitality jobs umbrella. While vacation accommodation is usually what people think of first, you could also find positions in entertainment or bars and clubs. Hospitality jobs are a wide field with a lot of exciting possibilities. Having a degree in hospitality will definitely help your job prospects, but it is not always required for many available positions. If you’re looking for management jobs, you’ll definitely need relevant experience. But learning to sell yourself and your skill set will be just as valuable. Communication skills and the ability to work in a team are sought after characteristics in potential employees.

Salary for Hospitality jobs

The huge variety of hospitality jobs on offer means the salary range also varies depending on the field you’re interested in. Broadly speaking, most hospitality jobs will have a starting salary of around £25,000. This would include kitchen staff and restaurant managers. When you start looking at bar managers and hotel managers the salary will be closer to £35,000. The top tier would be in event management or as a head chef, in which case £50,000 and up could be possible.

Cities with Hospitality jobs

The great thing about hospitality jobs is that they can be found in every major city. You can definitely find jobs in Manchester or jobs in Birmingham in your desired field. Jobs in London may be more competitive.

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