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Insurance Jobs in the UK

There are plenty of departments to consider when looking at potential insurance jobs. Whether you're thinking about a position as an actuary or as an administrative assistant, the insurance industry is a great field to start a new career in. Most insurance jobs are in large corporations that have hundreds, or even thousands of employees. This means there are usually positions available and the competition isn’t as fierce as other fields. It’s common to find insurance jobs as a customer service representative, which is a great way to understand the products your company offers. After you know the difference between certain policies it’s easier to move into a position as a claims representative or risk manager. If you already have an insurance job but are thinking about a career change, you might want to consider financial jobs like a [finance officer](https://joblift.

co.uk/Jobs-within-London-for-Finance%20Officer) or asset manager. The overlap between these industries will definitely help during the job search.

Salary for Insurance Jobs

You can expect a minimum salary of £30,000 working in claims or handling accounts. If you have a degree and some office experience then the salary will be closer to £50,000. Many companies like to promote from within, and insurance jobs are no different. After climbing the ranks it’s not uncommon to see salaries at £70,000 or more.

Cities with Insurance Jobs

While most insurance jobs will be based in London, there are definitely jobs in Manchester or jobs in Birmingham to be had. Jobs in London will be more competitive than looking for insurance jobs in Leeds or jobs in Liverpool. And if you’re thinking about moving even further north, don’t forget about jobs in Glasgow!

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