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Logistics Jobs in the UK

When considering logistics jobs it is important to narrow your search down to a specific position. These range from truck drivers and transportation to warehouse management and supply chain. Regardless of which specialisation you choose, the jobs will be focused on the movement of goods and materials. These can be consumer products or building materials for a variety of industries. Planes, trains and automobiles are the name of the game, and any experience dealing with these will definitely help out when looking for logistics jobs. Many of the entry level positions like warehouse staff do not require a degree and many require minimal experience in the line of work. On the other hand, some of the fields like logistics expert are highly specialised and require certification and previous experience in order to apply.

Salary for Logistics Jobs

With such a huge range of logistics jobs it’s hard to find an average salary across the field. If you’re looking for logistics jobs in transportation you can expect an average salary of around £28,000 depending on your level of experience. If a position as a warehouse supervisor is more what you’re after, you can find positions for around £25,000. Supply chain and warehouse manager positions will boost your salary to £36,000 or more.

Cities with Logistics Jobs

Finding a logistics job is possible just about anywhere due to the decentralised nature of the field. There’s obviously more jobs in London and jobs in Manchester, but you can also find logistics jobs in Birmingham and jobs in Liverpool. If none of those locations are what you had in mind, you can also find jobs in Leeds as well as jobs in Glasgow further north.

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