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Work as a Chef in Bath

The city of Bath, with its world heritage site status and high number of tourists, is a great place to pursue a career as a Chef. Bath is home to a wide variety of cafes, bars and restaurants, serving everything from traditional British home comforts, to Asian cuisine. Working as a Chef in Bath is the ideal location to develop your culinary skills.

Skills needed to be an excellent Chef

As your job is focused on cooking and managing the kitchen staff, it is crucial that Chefs have expert culinary knowledge and know how to run a kitchen. In order to have an efficient working environment, a Chef must be assertive and very organised to stabilise a busy and high pressured kitchen environment. Chefs must be able to deal with pressure in a calm and timely manner, and they must have good communication skills when dealing with other staff members and customers.

Experience needed to become a Chef

Chefs in senior positions will need a lot of prior experience and a proven track record in both their culinary skill and different working environments. A great start in the culinary industry is being an Assistant Chef, this gives you an understanding as to how the kitchen works and starts building your cooking skills. You could then have the opportunity to develop into a Sous Chef position, which eventually will lead you to being a Head Chef. Aside from that, constantly developing your skills by going to culinary related courses can also help.

How much will you earn in Bath as a Chef?

Chefs in Bath can expect to earn on average £21,000 annually, depending on where you work but these salaries soar as seniority increases. Due to the city being saturated with visitors, you can always expect extra tips from your work. There are also many opportunities to check out in the cities near Bath such as Oxford and Bristol!

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