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As an industrial city, Birmingham's focus on trade makes it a rich and diverse place to explore a new career. Birmingham prides itself on its cultural diversity making the city an exciting home for young professionals, eager to enjoy top nightlife, cuisine and music. The city attracts over 33 million tourists each year drawn in by the diversity of each different area of the city. From Digbeth's artistic hub to the glamorous streets of Brindleyplace, there's an area of the city for everyone. While manufacturing once lay at the heart of Birmingham's industry, the economy of the city has diversified into service industries, retail, and tourism in recent years.

Working in Birmingham offers an average salary of £33,982, higher than the UK average - making it a top city to consider. The city also serves as the West Midlands' hotspot when it comes to Financial positions, such as Actuaries, and Payroll Accountants. On the other hand, if Birmingham's diversity and career opportunities do not tempt you, why not try searching for positions in London or Manchester?

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