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Actuary roles in Birmingham

Working as an Actuary in Birmingham could earn you around £64,566 per year, and is a great way to integrate yourself into the financial sector. Actuaries are mathematical experts who act as senior level employees. A highly sought after role, Actuaries are experts in their field.

Actuaries use Mathematics and statistics to predict a event’s probability of occurring, and the potential financial outcomes of whether an event occurs or not. This role has a high level of responsibility, and accuracy is key. Within finance, clients hire actuaries to evaluate a decision making process and any consequences of undertaking changes or making particular decisions in the market. Similar to the role of a Risk Manager an Actuary assesses risk to a company based on mathematical calculations.

A background in Finance, Mathematics, statistics or any other mathematics based background will assist you in landing a role as an Actuary, as will a significant amount of experience. Many times Actuaries work their way up through internships and graduate schemes. If Birmingham is not a perfect spot for you, try searching in London where the world-class Finance scene offers many opportunities.

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