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Work as a Clerk in Birmingham

Clerks typically work in an office and work in a variety of sectors including in the Legal or Accounting sectors. Clerks are also needed in schools, hospitals, government agencies and many other organisations. Normally, Clerks will manage the administrative aspects of managing a department, and could also act as a PA to a Manager.

Clerks perform a wide variety of tasks, such as keeping the minutes during meetings, database management and data input, fielding inquiries to the organisation and assisting with administrative duties. Legal clerks perform research for judges, and in a hospital will be charged with maintenance of a large volume of patient records. Effective multi-tasking and the ability to meet tight deadlines is an essential characteristic of Clerks, as they frequently manage many tasks at once.

A successful candidate for a Clerk position will demonstrate strong communication skills and an ability to effectively multi-task. You should be well rounded and flexible: independent and self-motivated workers do well in this role, but you should also be a team-player with a professional demeanor. In addition, strong IT skills and prior experience in an office environment will help you stand out from the crowd.

Birmingham offers a multitude of opportunities for Clerks and related roles such as Executive Assistants and Office Administrators. As a Clerk you will build transferable skills, allowing you to easily transition to other working environments in the future. This makes it a highly coveted junior role, with an average annual salary of £24,000, which is an 11% higher average than Clerk jobs nationally.

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