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Credit Managers typically work in the Finance and Banking industries, and are largely responsible for providing credit analysis and preparing credit recommendations to clients and stakeholders. This is an important role with significant responsibility, and also likely involves supervision of a team of credit controllers to assist in drafting reports.

Your daily tasks as a Credit Manager will involve assessing credit risk and designing recommendations for client needs, such as proposing new products and credit structures. You will also be a point of first contact for clients, both internal and external. As a manager you will also lead your team on day-to-day workflow, mentor lower level employees, and perform typical office tasks.

Previous industry experience in the Banking or the Finance sector is usually a benchmark for Credit Managers, and those transitioning from the role of Clerk or Actuary might find success in this role. Knowledge of and experience with pricing structures, market dynamics and your specific company’s current industry trends is beneficial. Strong communication and organisational skills are requisite, and an analytical mind and the ability to meet tight deadlines will assist you in this role. Generally Credit Managers hold academic degrees in Economics, Finance, or Business.

Birmingham’s annual salary for Credit Managers is £25,600. Those interested in this role may also find success in London, where a large Banking and Finance industry presence is sure to provide many opportunities.

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