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Executive Assistants perform many of the same duties as Office Managers and Administrative Assistants, with the added responsibility of acting as a gatekeeper to the executive, filtering through information that eventually ends up on his or her desk.

The skills you’ll need to prove yourself as an Executive Assistant include outstanding written and spoken communication, attention to detail and flexibility, allowing you to smoothly run the daily office operations and manage the appointments of your executive with precision. As Executive Assistants are given significant responsibility in the office, previous office management experience is a plus, and professionalism in dealing with clients and other employees is key. Solid IT, time management and organisational skills will serve you well in this role.

Daily tasks may include taking meeting notes, liaising with clients and managing the diary of your executive. Some Executive Assistants may be asked to help prepare reports or train other office staff, so a high degree of adaptability will help you stand out. Often, time spent as an Administrative Assistant will be beneficial, and many Executive Assistants need to know the inner workings of a company well, in case they are ever asked to stand in for their boss or represent company policies in daily interactions with customers and clients.

Executive Assistants can expect to make on average £26,000 annually in Birmingham, and there are many more opportunities in London and Manchester to pursue as well.

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