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Work as an Office Manager in Birmingham

Working as an Office Manager requires the ability to manage personnel, office systems, and oversee the internal processes that make an office run. Office Managers work closely with Office Administrators, and will benefit from prior experience in an office and sales environment, managing systems and coordinating tasks among personnel.

Exceptional candidates will have a wide ranging skill set, including solid problem solving skills and good decision making abilities. Attention to detail is important, as Office Managers may need to focus on specific outcomes, such as output, sales, turnover etc. Some tasks of an office manager may include account keeping, management of employee schedules, website and database management and recruitment of new talent.

Because the Office Manager at times must wear many hats, flexibility and assertiveness are valuable qualities. Good IT skills are requisite, and a background with Accounting or bookkeeping will be an asset.

Office Managers may often require the skill set of a Secretary, Administrative Assistant, or Typist as well, making accurate typing, communication and organisational skills even more desirable.

An Office Manager in Birmingham should expect to make on average £24,500, which is slightly above the national average for similar roles.

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