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Birmingham is a great city to land a role as a Payroll Accountant due to the numerous businesses that require payroll services. In the UK on average a payroll Accountant will make on average £24,500 annually.

Payroll Accountants are an integral part of a company's operation. You will be responsible for recording employee compensation, benefits, commissions etc. and calculating for the appropriate taxes, retirement and social securities that must be withheld. Payroll Accountants come from a variety of backgrounds, and former Office Managers and Clerks can find success in a more niche role in office operations.

A successful candidate will have good organisation skills, an attention to details, mathematical skills and IT capabilities to help you use variety of softwares available to assist in your work. You should also be aware of, or willing to learn, about any new company policy, tax codes or legislation that may impact employee salaries and benefits.

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