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Work in Birmingham as a Risk Manager

Risk Managers work in a wide variety of businesses, making Birmingham a great city to pursue a career in risk management. On average, a risk manager will make £42,500 as of November 2017.

Risk Managers are responsible for assessing a wide range of risks that a company could face, and offer professional advice as to how the company should avoid or manage crises. These could include things such as employee fraud, computer system malfunction, corporate governance, insurance and health and safety measures.

Daily tasks may include planning strategies and predicting outcomes of risks to the various employees and management. This could require evaluating how a company has managed prior risks, and their company requirements for costs, environmental impact and legal outcomes. You also will write reports and prepare briefs to company executives on your recommendations.

As Risk Managers may also work with other Finance professionals to protect the business, and will benefit from some background in business, mathematics or statistics. Good communication and organisation skills, and the ability to distill large amounts of information quickly are necessary skills for this role. You’ll also need to be analytically minded and a good problem solver.

This role requires times served, so you will need to work your way up and start as a Risk Technician on a salary of around £21,000 working your way up to Risk Manager. This role has great advancement potential, and with enough experience you could begin earning a salary of around £70,000. Not finding what you want in Birmingham? Try looking for Risk Manager roles in London or explore similar roles in Manchester!

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