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Fancy working as a Secretary in Birmingham?

Working as a Secretary in Birmingham is a great way to work in a variety of sectors and industries and become an essential part of a company. Secretaries are vital members of the company who support upper management and keep things running smoothly.

As a Secretary, you will be asked to maintain the calendars and diaries of numerous people, like Business Managers, and often even the top level management such as CFO's and CEO's. Routine daily tasks will include reserving meeting rooms, organising transportation, managing office equipment, scheduling meetings and drafting emails for a variety of team members.

This role requires superior communication and organisation skills, as well as the ability to prioritise tasks and work efficiently under pressure. You will need a professional demeanor as you will often be the first point of contact to top-level management within the company, and will liaise with high level clients and other professionals. Solid IT skills will assist you in this role, as will the ability to work well independently.

Secretaries are needed in all sectors, from Healthcare, Banking, Media, even through to the Entertainment industry so the variety of positions in Birmingham makes the city a great choice. In Birmingham, you can expect to earn around £21,500 as a Secretary, and experience in this role can help you transition to Office Manager or a Typist role.

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