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Generally, Typists are responsible for producing texts required by businesses, including reports, studies, and letters.

A Typist will work with colleagues to transcribe handwritten texts or shorthand notes. You may also be required to type what you hear through an audio device, perhaps transcribing an interview, verbal recorded notes, or radio and TV appearances. A useful skill of many Typists is shorthand typing, which is a method of taking notes very quickly in shorthand and typing them out fully at a later time. Additional tasks may include maintaining spreadsheets, photocopying and managing filing systems.

To succeed as a Typist, you will need to type accurately and quickly, and have outstanding computing skills. Shorthand skills are often required, but at minimum are hugely beneficial. Successful candidates will have extreme attention to detail, be able to work well under pressure, and hold a high degree of discretion as some notes you are asked to transcribe may be confidential in nature.

Working as a Typist in Birmingham, you can expect to earn around £20,000 per year which is above the national average of £19,000, making the city an attractive place to pursue a career as a Typist. It's also a great stepping stone on your way to a career as a Secretary or Office Administrator.

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