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Become a Chef in Bristol

The role of a Chef is ideal for someone with a strong business management and culinary background. As kitchens create a very busy and pressured working environment, it is in the hands of a Chef to create a good an organised space to get the best results. A Chef must maintain control and manage people in the kitchen with the help of a Sous Chef and his kitchen staff and together they must work with speed and precision.

The skills of an excellent Chef

To be able to be considered for such a role, you must be a good leader, highly organised, motivated and able to perform in a very busy environment to deliver the best product for the customers. This role will require a flexible manner of working due to unsteady working hours. It is also a creative role, as the Chef is in charge of the menu, therefore, you need to have a lot of experience and knowledge in the culinary world to ensure you provide new dishes.

Being a Chef in Bristol

Working and living in the city with a strong reputation when it comes to food makes Bristol a great choice. The culinary sector in Bristol is one of the best in the UK. However, if working in Bristol isn't for you, why not check out opportunities in Bath, Oxford, or Manchester!

The average Earnings of a Chef in Bristol

A Chef in Bristol usually earns over £20,000 with additional tips and benefits from the company. In Bristol, you have the chance to work for restaurants such as The OX, Bravas and a Michelin star restaurant Wilks.

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