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As a Financial Accountant in Glasgow you can work for many large businesses with major influence and so can feel your role's affect in a large way within Glasgow's Finance sector, alongside Wealth Managers. In this role you can expect to earn around £53,000 per year, which is above the national average, making Glasgow a great option to pursue this role.

Sectors in Glasgow offering jobs for Financial Accountants

Financial Accountants are needed in businesses of varying sizes, from major banks and investment companies, right through to smaller financial start-ups like FinTech's booming scene, thus the roles on offer are varied and exciting.

What do Financial Accountants do?

Financial Accountants are responsible for the measuring, advising and reporting of financial information on economic entities such as businesses or corporations.

Skills and Experience

In most cases, to land a job as a Financial Accountant in Glasgow, you must be fully qualified and numerically excellent. You must also be able to deal with stress and pressure effectively as a job as a Financial Accountant can mean that you are responsible for reporting on large sums of money and equities.

To succeed in this role you must also be a good team player and have strong communication skills to portray your financial findings in an understandable way. It is vital that you are highly organised in order to stay on top of large quantities of information and figures and be able to sort through and present your understandings.

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