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Wealth Manager Jobs in Glasgow

Wealth Managers, or Private Wealth Managers are highly coveted roles in the Finance industry, and starting this job in Glasgow is a great option. Getting a financial job in Glasgow as a Wealth Manager is an excellent choice as the city has an established financial scene, but is also growing into a major financial hub.

Job Responsibilities of Wealth Managers

Wealth Managers are responsible for overseeing and managing the finances of private wealthy individuals and high net-worth clients through professional advice and a range of services. To manage these accounts, Wealth Managers must plan a client's finances, manage any investments, and provide advice and strategies on pensions, trusts and inheritance.

Where to find a Wealth Manager Job in Glasgow

Wealth Managers can be employed in high street banks, to attract higher net-worth customers, but Private Wealth Managers are hired by individuals or companies externally and so often work for an agency or on a freelance basis.

Keys Skills and Qualifications

To succeed as a Wealth Manager you must be highly organised, have a vast knowledge of the markets and new economic laws and regulations, and be numerically excellent. Also, you need to be confident and an excellent communicator so that you can work with a variety of differing clients and report back to stakeholders and work within a team of Financial Accountants and Actuaries. You have to be able to work well under pressure as you will be handling decisions about large amounts of client money and must have strong convictions to act according to your knowledge and experience.

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