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Work as an Actuary in Leeds

Working as an Actuary in Leeds you could earn on average £52,052 annually. Actuaries are experts in the fields of mathematics and use their skills to assist companies in making risk assessments based on financial indicators, and are senior employees who have significant prior experience.

Actuaries utilise advanced Mathematics to predict a event’s likelihood of occurrence, and the resulting potential financial outcomes. A high degree of accuracy and confidence is required for this position, as the implications of an Actuary’s advice often helps guide a company in making important and consequential decisions. Someone with a prior background as a Risk Manager may succeed as an Actuary as well, as many of the tasks performed are similar.

Daily responsibilities for this role will include assessment of the market and financial indicators, using statistical analysis, and implementing specifics such as accident rates, employee benefits, or investment metrics. All of this information is used by an Actuary to assess a particular question that a client may have, whether that be to downsize, adjust payroll, or invest in a particular market.

A background in Mathematics or advanced statistics are quite essential, but a Finance and Business background with an emphasis on investment or banking will also help. Actuaries tend to work their way up from trainee and graduate positions, and benefit from years of experience and exposure. If Leeds is not your ideal location, try searching in Birmingham, or London.

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