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Want to start working as a Brand Manager in Leeds?

As a Brand Manager in Leeds you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and work towards advancing a company’s image to customers and clients. Brand Managers are largely responsible for taking charge of a product’s image and design marketing strategies to promote that product and grow positive public awareness around the product.

Brand Managers will work closely with Marketing Analysts to watch current market activities and base their brand strategy on current affairs and events so as to tie them in seamlessly with marketing schemes. The work of a Brand Manager will vary depending on the company for which they work, but in general the goal is to gain publicity and marketplace stature for a company in order to increase sales and boost product and public awareness of the brand. Strategies used could be focus groups, working with clients and doing paid partnerships.

Successful Brand Managers will be creative and with a keen eye for trends and new ideas, and be adaptable to a quickly changing work environment. Those who enjoy working in groups, networking and collaborating with others to find the best ideas will easily fit in this role, as with those who have a Marketing and Business background.

Brand Managers often work their way up to become Head of Marketing, and have several years experience in Advertising, Marketing, or Public Relations. Leeds is a great city to search for a career as a Brand Manager, but don’t forget to check out Manchester and London for more opportunities!

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