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Why should you be a Chef in Leeds?

Leeds is a great city to kick-start your career as a Chef. You can gain a lot of experience working in different cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars. Working hours for a chef can differ day-by-day and depend on the type of establishment, however, earnings of £600 or over per week are often guaranteed.

What will you do as a Chef?

Being a Chef gives you responsibility for everything that goes on in the kitchen. It is important to be able to create and maintain the best-quality food in order to keep up the restaurant's reputation. A Chef also takes charge of inventory and purchasing duties, works with budgets, and calculates the expenses. This role requires you to be able to manage all the kitchen staff, maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen and organise serving. To make sure that everyone is working efficiently, a Head Chef is often entitled to a Sous Chef to assist with the workload. Due to high responsibilities, Chefs are often required to work long hours, very often at night or weekends.

What qualifications do you need to succeed in this position?

Prior to being hired, some employees require Head Chefs to have completed culinary education, but very often, they prioritise the ability to cook. It is essential that candidates have a health and safety certificate to be able to work and manage a kitchen. Furthermore, in order to gain a senior position, you are required to have many years of prior experience.

Expectation from this role

Being a senior position, the role of a Chef requires a lot of previous experience not only culinary but also managerial. Chefs are a key element in every kitchen, therefore, these roles are vital to all restaurants. If Leeds doesn't take your fancy, check out the open positions in Bristol or Oxford!

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