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Fancy working as a Headhunter in Leeds?

Similar to Recruitment Executives, Headhunters work to connect top talent to a company hiring for their skill set. They are a critical link between employers and employees, and must have a broad skill set in order to be successful.

Since much of your time will be spent finding and recruiting potential employees you will need to have a professional approach to your work, especially because you not only act as a representative of a company but are the first point of contact for recruits. IT skills and social media savvy will assist you in this role as the internet is a prime resource for recruitment. Good organisational and communication skills are helpful, as is a strong working relationship with client companies to best assess their hiring needs and create lasting business relationships.

Daily tasks of a Headhunter may include drafting job openings to post online, using social media to find recruits and reaching out for an initial interview. Other tasks may include routine office work, managing databases of potential clients, and maintaining records. Prior experience as a Recruitment Trainee will assist you in this role, or as a Personal Assistant where you worked in close contact with company decision makers.

Headhunters in Leeds can expect to earn on average £33,500 annually. There are also many opportunities to check out in cities such as Birmingham!

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