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Want to work as a Recruitment Executive in Leeds?

Leeds is a great place to get started as a Recruitment Executive, where you can make on average £32,500 plus commission. Also frequently called a Recruitment Consultant, in this role you will work closely with a hiring company to assess their personnel needs and work to recruit the best candidates to fill available positions. This role is similar to a Headhunter, but works closely with both a hiring company and the potential employee to find the right fit for both.

As a large portion of time is spent communicating with clients and recruits a professional demeanour is requisite, and excellent communication skills are a must. You will need to stay organised and respond to requests from both clients and recruits in a timely manner, and stay knowledgeable about the needs of the client company and which recruits best fit their profile.

A background in Human Resources or Sales will assist you in this role, and it is common for a Recruitment Trainee to work their way up to Recruitment Executive. Academic experience in Communications or Business is also useful, and several years experience will benefit you in working for larger companies with a higher volume of staffing needs.

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