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Work as a Sales Representative in Leeds

A Sales Representative, also frequently titled Sales Executive, is responsible for selling items and services to customers and clients based on what you believe they want and need. Leeds is a great city to start a career as a Sales Representative as it has diverse businesses looking for someone to help sell their products and services.

Sales roles depend on industry, but the skills needed are largely transferrable. You must have excellent customer service skills, and be a good communicator so as to determine what customers are looking for and help fill those needs with services or products. You will excel as a Sales Representative if you have high ambition, determination and enjoy working independently as well as in a team environment to help reach company sales goals.

In Leeds you can earn on average from £34,000 and £40,000. Most sales roles include performance-based commissions and bonuses, so the salary could fluctuate slightly based upon the specifics of your contract.

Many who begin a career in sales may transition easily to Marketing Analyst or Brand Manager, as the knowledge around how to present products to customers is transferable to these roles. If you’re willing to look around, check out London for similar roles!

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