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Work in Leeds as a Typist

Typists are responsible for producing typed documents required by companies and businesses, which may include reports, meeting notes, studies and letter. Typists will work with coworkers to transcribe written notes, which could be handwritten or in shorthand. Often, a Typist will be asked to transcribe audio, such as a recorded interview or a read-out of a TV or radio interview.

A useful skill for many Typists is the ability to take notes in shorthand, which is a method of taking notes very quickly and typing them out in full at a later time. Additionally, being able to type quickly and accurately is a valuable skill, as is basic office management. You should be able to work well under time pressure, and be very attentive to detail. A high degree of discretion is required as frequently you will be asked to transcribe sensitive documents.

Working as a Typist in Leeds, you can expect to earn around £21,000 annually, which is above the national average of £19,000, making the city an attractive place to pursue a career for this role. It's also a great entry job on your way to a career as a Secretary, Personal Assistant or Office Manager.

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