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Want to work as an Executive Assistant in Liverpool?

Working as an Executive Assistant will allow you to engage with company executives and act as a first point of contact for clients and customers interested in meeting with the CEO and high level executives. Your role will be similar that of a Personal Assistant.

Successful candidates for this role will have excellent communication skills, be highly attentive to detail and work well under pressure. As you will need to run most office operations, you will need strong composure and superb organisational disposition. You will need to manage the daily appointments of the company executives and so will need to be flexible in changing schedules at the last minute, but also keenly aware of time constraints on the executive.

You may also be asked to train incoming employees and prepare reports, so keeping a pulse on the company happenings is a key requirement. Other tasks may include taking meeting minutes and being responsible to respond to press inquiries. Previous office management experience is usually required for these roles, and many who succeed as an Executive Assistant have prior experience as Secretaries or Administrative Assistants.

Liverpool is an excellent city to begin your career as an Executive Assistant, with an average salary of around £26,310. You may also want to look for opportunities in Leeds and Birmingham for similar roles.

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