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Office Managers are highly sought after, and essential to keep an office running smoothly. In this role you will be tasked with managing personnel, databases of information and often will be responsible for many HR tasks. You may need a background in bookkeeping to manage payroll, and have an affinity for office management systems to help internal processes run efficiently. Office Managers will benefit from prior experience in an office role, such as Secretary or Administrative Assistant.

Superb organisational and communication skills, both in writing and verbalyl, are key assets to succeed in this role. You should have an eye for details, and a mind for processes such as tracking employee inputs and outputs, maintaining schedules, and often working to recruit new talent. The skills required for this role are transferable, and tasks required varies largely from company to company. However, a high degree of flexibility and confidence will assist you in any workplace environment.

Liverpool is a great city to begin your career as an Office Manager, where you should expect to make on average £28,000 per year. You can also look into Office Manager positions in nearby cities such as Leeds, where there are many more opportunities to explore.

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