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Personal Assistants are vital to the smooth running of an organisation and especially important for higher level employees to rely upon in helping manage their busy schedules. In Liverpool you could make on average £28,000 annually, and use the skills you develop to transition into other office roles, such as Executive Assistant or Office Manager.

Daily tasks in this role will involve maintaining your manager’s diary and meeting schedule, keeping track of office systems, database management and acting as a reference point for clients and customers interested in getting face time with your boss or information about your company’s products and services. Because of this, a high degree of professionalism and an organisational disposition are highly valued in this role. You may be asked to make travel arrangements and handle confidential materials, so a discretion is also a key asset.

To succeed as a Personal Assistant you should have excellent communication skills and a high attention to detail, as you will be responsible for maintaining schedules and finer points of a manager’s day to day business. Bookkeeping skills and basic knowledge of accounting are also valuable skills as you may be tasked with keeping track of expenses for travel or other office expenditures. General office functions will also be on your day to day task list, so previous office experience as a Secretary will serve you well.

Liverpool has many opportunities in this role, but you are looking around you can also look into cities such as Birmingham and Leeds for more even more vacancies.

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