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Work in London as an Actuary

Working as an Actuary in London is a great opportunity to be a part of the city's intrinsic and world-class Finance sector. Actuaries are senior level employees and trusted experts in the field of Mathematics and so these roles are highly sought after, especially in the English capital.

Work duties of an Actuary in London

Actuaries have a role with huge amounts of responsibility; they use statistics and their mathematical knowledge to predict and assess the probability of an event taking place and the financial outcomes of both options. Clients hire Actuaries when they need to evaluate the financial pressures and consequences of undertaking any particular change or decision.

Why are Actuaries important for companies?

Actuaries are highly respected as business and numerical experts and are usually renowned professionals who have built up a base of clients and contacts. In terms of day-to-day tasks, Actuaries spend the majority of their time analysing statistical data, including accident rates and employee benefits in order to collate the data and then present back to clients with their professional opinion. Actuaries work alongside Head of Finances, Finance Officers and often Risk Managers.

Actuary salaries

Given the nature of an Actuary's job, professionals are expected to have a wealth of experience, however, many Actuaries work their way up from internships and Graduate schemes. In London, Actuaries can expect to earn a wage of around £69,000 per year, which is above the national average, also highlighting why London is such a great choice to pursue this role.

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