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In London, Asset Management is a highly respected industry and holds a lot of responsibility. The city is a fabulous place to work as an Asset Manager, given the huge number of assets and property in London, with its diverse history and land usage, and given the diversity of people living in London. Asset Managers in London earn in the region of £60,000, but bonuses can see salaries rise to around £78,000 per year making these roles highly covetable. Given the fact that London is home to a majority of financial firms and companies, the city is a fantastic place if you would like to pursue an Asset Management role.

Responsibilities of an Asset Manager in London?

As an Asset Manager you will be responsible for managing a client's investment, be it property, software, stocks, or other financial assets. Asset Managers are employed by companies and individual clients to deal with complex and often difficult situations surrounding people's properties and land.

What do Asset Managers do?

Asset Managers often strategise how to maximise a client's investment and so aims to grow the profit for their client. In order to do this, they need to stay on top of the current markets to research new products and possible methods to make the most of their client's assets. They will then create reports on their findings which they will present to their clients and advise on how best to invest or act.

What skills do you need to succeed as an Asset Manager?

To succeed as an Asset Manager, you will need to be very ambitious and determined as the role holds a lot of responsibility and so will be under a large amount of pressure. You will need to have excellent analytical and qualitative skills as you'll be dealing with a lot of data and will need to be accurate and precise. As this role reports to clients, you will also need to have top management skills to work with other roles in the Finance sector, including Junior Investment Analysts, and be an excellent communicator.

Something else?

Don’t think that a career as an Asset Manager is for you? Why not consider other financial jobs, such as becoming an Actuary, or an Auditor. Or, if London is not for you why not look for vacancies in Manchester or Birmingham?

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