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Ready to start your job as a Brand Manager in London?

An average yearly salary of £39,786, slightly more than the national average, makes a Brand Manager role in London an attractive position in the Marketing and Advertising industry.

A day in the life of Brand Manager

A Brand Manager role carries a lot of responsibility given that they are in charge of not only a product's image and its relevance and ability to resonate with a given customer, but also cooperate with external clients as well as normally leading a team of junior marketers. Primarily, a Brand Manager's day-to-day activities will revolve around developing specific marketing strategies and initiatives by assessing the current marketplace trends in terms of opportunities and competition, implementing these and carrying them out to their full potential, in order to boost a product's presence, market reach and impact to increase sales and revenue. Marketing strategies include hosting events, client interaction, sponsorship deals and all forms of marketing campaigns, be they print or digital. Brand Managers are in constant dialogue with Marketing Assistants, Marketeers, and Marketing Analysts.

Qualities of the Brand Manager

With that many responsibilities given, Brand Managers need to have a good work ethic. Brand Managers need to be not only creative and intuitive in terms of seeking out potential campaigns and opportunities for market growth, they must also demonstrate good business acumen to assess the marketplace and the product's potential. They must be able to interact with both internal colleagues and external clients, therefore must be strong communicators as well as good listeners and possess impressive analytical skills.

What is expected from you for the role?

The skills of a great Brand Manager are normally gained through many years of experience in the fields of Marketing and Advertising. To reach such high position it is normally expected for a candidate to have had a minimum of 4-5 years of prior experience in Marketing, as well as having performed in a managerial role before, as well as to demonstrate good knowledge of the brand and its performance in the market. Creativity and a solid understanding of both traditional and digital marketing are also a necessity.

Is London suited for Brand Managers?

London plays host to some of the most exciting Marketing and Advertising companies as a digital and media hotspot and offers an extensive range of opportunities to launch your career as a Brand Manager. Working in London could see you employed at companies such as Harrods, Unilever or Proctor & Gamble, making this the ideal city to develop your marketing expertise.

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