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Start an exciting career as a Business Developer in London

Being a Business Developer in London offers an exciting opportunity for outgoing and motivated individuals who like building new relationships with prospective partners in their field of work. The average salary comes in at around £38,000, but can grow to £75,000 depending on the company and additional benefits, such as a company car.

Working in Business Development comes with a host of responsibilities, from setting up connections with prospective clients and giving presentations, to working with management and providing them with client feedback.

Similar areas of client outreach and development can be found as a Key Account Manager, which would focus more on a few existing accounts, rather than building new connections, while working as a Field Sales Representative would allow more contact with a wide range of prospective clients and customers. Also, Brand Managers, both Senior Brand Managers and Junior Brand Managers, utilise the same skill sets that someone working in business development would possess.

While London may have the largest potential market for a Business Developers, don't forget to consider the job markets in Manchester or Liverpool for even more opportunities.

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