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Why not work as a Clerk in London?

Clerks will normally work in an office based role to perform routine tasks and act as a PA to a Manager in the running of all administrative related aspects of managing a department. Typical sectors could include the Legal sector or Accounting and Finance, so working alongside Finance Officers and Head of Finances, but Clerks are needed in all sorts of environments including schools, hospitals and government agencies.

Responsibilities of a Clerk

Primarily your role as a Clerk will involve taking essential minutes during meetings, providing invaluable assistance with daily ad-hoc administration, inputting data, maintaining databases and systems and dealing with inquiries. In a Legal setting, Clerks will also be responsible for undertaking research for judges before legal cases and in a hospital environment, a Clerk will normally also maintain and update a large collection of records. The ability to work with information and to tight deadlines is an essential characteristic of all general Clerks as you could be responsible for a number of tasks simultaneously.

Qualities you need to have to be a successful Clerk

A desirable candidate for this position will be someone who has demonstrated strong communications skills and an ability to multi-task. You should be a team-player with a professional demeanour who is also self-motivated as this role requires independent working. Nevertheless it also important for a Clerk to maintain regular contact with their supervisor to ensure the office can run smoothly. Moreover, IT skills and experience within an office environment are other desirable traits which would stand you in good stead for this position.

Why London is a great choice for a Clerk

London offers a multitude of opportunities for such a role. For example, you could find yourself working in the IT sector, for the NHS or for Banking giants, Lloyds, depending on your speciality. You will gain transferable skills which can be applied to other working environments in the future as well as the chance to progress professionally in the UK capital, making it a highly coveted junior role, with an average annual salary of £17,469.

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