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Start your job as a Head of Finance in London

There is no place like London to begin working as a Head of Finance given the sheer vastness of the London financial and banking scene, hosting some of the industry's biggest players.

Average earnings of a Head of Finance

Should you take a position as a Head of Finance in the capital, you could see yourself earning in the region of £72,810 in a role where you would be deploying your financial expertise to develop strategic plans with regards to your company's finances. This role involves overseeing the development of financial reports, implementing financial policies, directing staff operations, leading a small finance team and analysing finances and creating projections so as to identify areas where improvements need to be made to continue to increase profits.

Experiences needed for the role

Normally several years’ experience in the financial sector is a pre-requisite as is a post-graduate degree in Business, Economics, Finance or a related field, although undergraduate degrees are also considered.

Responsibilities of Head of Finance

Heads of Finance are responsible for a team and department of Finance OfficersActuaries, and Auditors (among others), so need to be excellent communicators as they will be in direct communication with internal colleagues as well as external clients. Written and verbal skills are therefore equally as important as numerical and analytical abilities. Common career paths for the right candidate can involve progression into roles such as Chief Financial Officer and Finance Director.

Opportunities in London for a Head of Finance

London offers an exceptional range of companies and firms in which you can work as a Head of Finance given the need for a financial department across various sectors. In the capital, you could be working for corporate and multi-national banks, internationally renowned companies such as BT, as well as governmental bodies like the NHS or the Ministry of Justice.

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