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Work as a Head of Marketing in London

A Head of Marketing acts as the lead in all Marketing and Communications related activity, both as far as company employees are concerned and the brand's marketing strategy is concerned. This means that they are reachable and available to advise on and to direct marketing campaigns from the ground up and are also responsible for ensuring all Marketing strategies are in line with a company policy and promotes a positive and strong brand image.

What does a typical day as a Head of Marketing consist of?

Such a role requires strong leadership skills, being responsible for both people and policy, good organisation skills including the ability to prioritise and think on one's feet as problem solving is often a part of this position. Heads of Marketing should be adaptable and ready to multitask as well as being strong communicators and individuals with impressive business awareness, being in charge of budget expenditure and performance monitoring to make sure brand promotion can reach its full potential.

Average Salary of Head of Marketing

In London, a Head of Marketing can expect to earn in the region of £70,000 a year, around £2,000 more than the national average, making the capital a very desirable location for this role. This salary depends on the size of business but can involve travelling funded by the company as well as a company phone, car or performance related bonuses.

Qualities needed for this role

It is normally expected that a Head of Marketing, as a senior position, will have amassed a wealth of experience in the Marketing sector and have proven themselves as leaders in similar managerial or senior roles, showing they can manage both projects and staff simultaneously and can utilise a team effectively. Moreover, they will show that they have a good work ethic, working thoroughly and efficiently to meet deadlines and perform at the highest level. Time management as well as organisational and professional skills are critical in a demanding role such as this one, combined with a sound understanding of the marketing industry and strategy. As a Head of Marketing, you will manage a team of Marketing Analysts and Marketing Coordinators, as well as liaise with PR teams and Head of Communications.

Opportunities for this role in London

Every sector will normally require a Head of Marketing, making this a desired and transferable role, which you can hold in your desired industry. In London, opportunities include jobs with the biggest companies like BT, Orange or JP Morgan.

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