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Work as Head of Sales in London

London offers a wealth of opportunity in the area of Sales as host to almost every imaginable industry who require senior Sales roles all the time. Working in as a Head of Sales in London could see you expanding your experience to work for companies such as Amazon, as well as consulting firms and financial giants.

The Perks of a Head of Sales role in London

In a Head of Sales role in London you could be earning £70,000 on average a year, in a senior role which often carries responsibility but also offers you the chance to build and develop both managerial and sales skills. The opportunity to expand your sales and managerial experience, implement new sales strategies and the chance to build new working relationships in new sectors, are all perks of entering into a Sales role in as exciting a location as London.

A Day in the Life of Head of Sales

Day-to-day tasks for Head of Sales will differ according to priorities. However, being responsible for implementing new sales strategies, driving sales operations whilst seeking out and building relationships with major clients and identifying new markets to maximise sales are all part and parcel of the job. Other parts of the role would involve some creativity in identifying new business development opportunities.

Skills You Will Need in a Head of Sales job

Such a role normally requires several years of experience in sales and a strong background in similar sales environments. Person specifications normally outline a strong leader with the ability to perform, who is also inventive, proactive and adaptable in order to meet changing markets' needs and who can work under pressure to meet and surpass targets. Thus a certain determination, resilience and drive to succeed are required to manage a team and lead sales operations simultaneously. Head of Sales work closely with Head of Finances to ensure a coordinated strategy, and they will manage a team of Sales Representatives and Salesmen.

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