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Work as a Junior Investment Analyst in London

Start your career in finance as a Junior Investment Analyst

Working as a Junior Investment Analyst in London is a great option to kick-start a Financial career in the city. As a stepping stone to a successful career in Investments, Junior Investment Analysts provide a lot of support and have the opportunity to grow and develop a lot in the role.

Role of a Junior Investment Analyst

As a Junior Investment Analyst, you will be responsible for assisting a team of Investment Analysts and wider Financial Officers in more senior roles with deal appraisals, financial modelling and reviewing documents. These roles are often focused on assistance to other team members, but they also allow determined employees to build up their own clients and carve out their own succession and career path.

Daily tasks of a Junior Investment Analyst

In terms of day-to-day activities, the main responsibilities of a Junior Investment Analyst can vary depending on the company. However, examples of tasks include preparing valuations, reports and financial research summaries, in order to pass on this detailed information to stockbrokers, fund managers and stock market traders so that they can make the best decisions for their investments, alongside Risk Managers.

Become a Junior Investment Analyst in London

In London there are plenty of companies to choose to work for, including Finance giants like Barclays, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank, right through to other industries, such as fashion, with Calvin Klein. As a Junior Investment Analyst in London, you can expect to earn around £32,000 per year, but this is often subsidised with bonuses and can vary from company to company.

What is needed from you?

Candidates for Junior Investment Analyst positions must be diligent and determined, extremely accurate and organised and have a keen eye for detail. An excellence in numeracy is expected, but given the networking nature of this position, Junior Investment Analysts must also have excellent communication skills, so that they can build and maintain relationships with stakeholders and potential Investors.

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