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Become a Junior Portfolio Manager in London

A Junior Portfolio Manager is a highly sought after profession and it is a role which has a direct line of progression into a Portfolio Manager. Pursuing this profession in London is an excellent idea because the capital is home to a huge variety of excellent financial companies, from multinational banking firms to smaller, independent agencies.

Working as a Junior Portfolio Manager in London you can expect to earn around £40,000 per year. This already high salary is often topped up with large bonuses depending on performance, and many companies offer other perks and initiatives. Given the level of this role, career progression is expected - at a Portfolio Manager stage, you can expect to earn around £80,000 per year in London.

Day-to-day work of a Junior Portfolio Manager in London

Working as a Junior Portfolio Manager is a support role and an entry level position. Typically, Junior Portfolio Managers work very closely with Portfolio Managers and members of the Investment team, including Junior Investment Analysts, learning the markets and training on the job. These positions prepare employees in client relationships and investment reporting to allow career progression. On a day-to-day basis, tasks include; observing and managing portfolios in terms of trading and rebalancing, preparing statements about investment policy, communicating with clients and reviewing investment plans and strategies. Other tasks include researching projects and supporting the team in ad-hoc tasks.

Required skills as a Junior Portfolio Manager in London

Given the pressurised nature of this role, employees are expected to have at least a Bachelor's degree and financial qualifications, alongside business experience. In terms of personality, Junior Portfolio Managers must be collaborative, team-players with great communication skills and an aptitude for numbers and stats. Attention to detail and precision is vital, as is an analytical outlook.

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