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Work in Marketing in London

Marketeers in London can expect to earn a yearly average of £27,000, which is higher than the national average and also dependant on industry, with Business, Finance, Insurance, and IT sectors boasting the highest average salaries.

As an extremely popular position in the capital, Marketeers are in high demand in a city where opportunities and technologies are constantly changing to find new ways to reach markets, customers and potential clients. Choosing this career path in London could see you employed at BBC, EY or the Financial Times as just a few examples.

In this role you will be employed in a company's Marketing department and be responsible for assisting with the development of sales strategies which complement the customer's needs.

Together with your Marketing team, you will prepare marketing plans, carrying out campaigns across social media including Twitter and Facebook, generating reports using data analytics, finding new advertising opportunities as well as liaising with the external press to maximise company visibility. This is a varied role which requires a hard working and multi-skilled individual with specific tasks varying depending on sector and business size. You will work under the management of a Head of Marketing, and will work alongside Marketing Analysts, with the aid of Marketing Assistants.

Primarily, Marketeers are expected to be excellent communicators, analytical thinkers and adaptable workers, performing tasks depending on priority.

There is also the chance to engage creatively with design teams when creating new digital and PR content. Working in Marketing requires a determined work ethic and the ability to think quickly to solve problems as they arise, as well as the capability to think innovatively to generate new ideas, campaigns and leads.

London is the perfect fit for a career in Marketing and allows you to engage with a number of different clients, businesses and press teams to improve company visibility, and can lead to international opportunities on a bigger scale.

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