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Begin your career as a Marketing Analyst in London

Marketing Analysts in London earn on average £30,000 and are considered one of the most dynamic marketing roles. With experience, this is a role which can progress into senior positions such as Marketing Manager, Head of Marketing or Head of Communications.

What skills should you have to be a Marketing Analyst?

The type of person employed as a Market Analyst usually likes working with information, and is prepared to work to meet deadlines or under pressure. Research analysis could be carried out in both written or numerical form, the latter obviously requiring strong numerical ability and normally some background in maths or statistics - both require strong analytical skills however and the ability to make use of sets of information and data to extract relevant information. Strong written and communication skills are normally also required, due to having to present findings and drafting reports.

A day in the life of a Marketing Analyst

Responsible for analysing data to report on market trends, Marketing Analysts are those who inform decisions companies take with regard to marketing strategy, from identifying RRP to choosing which markets to launch specific products in. Identifying and tracking consumer behaviour, spotting market trends and patterns and studying competitor's activities and strategies all contribute to market analysis to influence the successful launch of a product and maintain growth and presence. Analysts thus advise on key opportunities for brand expansion, deliver sales forecasts and help their company gain more insight into their products which in turn allows marketeers to deliver a more successful marketing strategy through a sound and accurate understanding of their market.

Why work in London?

Specialisation by sector is a normal career progression in Market Analysis, where you could work for large consulting companies to deal with client queries and create reports, as this is a transferable job which is needed across industries. In London, depending on experience, you could work for Paypal and American Express or media and tech firms across the city as just a few examples. If London isn’t for you, Manchester and Liverpool are great alternatives.

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