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Start working as a Marketing Assistant in London

Choosing London as your location to develop your Marketing expertise can result in unique professional and personal development opportunities and the chance to learn in an interesting and inspiring business setting. Marketing Assistants in London are earning in the region of £23,000 which at around £3,000 more than the national average makes London one of the more attractive places to start a career in Marketing as an Assistant. Salaries in this role tend to increase for more experienced employees.

What do you need to be a Marketing Assistant in London?

With previous experience in Marketing, through internships or studies, which are normally a pre-requisite, you will be expected to have an initial sound understanding of current market trends applicable to your sector, knowledge in Marketing and Sales techniques and strategies and you should possess an analytical mind-set in order to work with and understand data to deliver the best performing marketing campaigns.

Digital, creative and numerical skills are also commendable attributes for such a role, as is an energetic and generally positive personality belonging to someone who is not work-shy.

What do Marketing Assistants do?

As a Marketing Assistant, you will mainly be tasked with supporting a company's primary Marketing and Advertising campaigns and promotional activity, be they print or web based, and performing any additional administration tasks as and when they appear. You could be assisting with social media campaigns, events and content creation for blogs and PR or collecting data for market research and analysis.

For this role you should be prepared to be flexible in your daily work as duties will change depending on priority, thus you should ideally be highly organised and an efficient worker who has an adaptable method of working and a driven personality.

Why London?

As a multi-cultural and international city, London is one of the most stimulating locations to begin and develop a career in Marketing. Taking your initial steps into the Marketing sector in London could mean working for Time Inc., M&G Investments or Universal Music UK, and could see you eventually advancing into roles such as Head of Marketing or Marketing Coordinator. Alternatively, you could stick with the Communications side of the job and develop into the role of Head of Communications.

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