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Explore London's Marketing scene as a Marketing Coordinator

The London Marketing scene is an exciting and fast-moving environment, with companies who are constantly on a lookout for ways to develop their products and production of the unique campaigns. It is a very competitive environment to be in, meaning that companies always search for strong and creative leaders to be a great addition to their place but also to implement changes efficiently and effectively.

The role of a Marketing Coordinator

A Marketing Coordinator would be responsible for helping with the implementation of marketing campaigns by developing creative strategies which could involve online presence, social media management or event marketing, as well as traditional direct marketing strategies. Usually, Market Coordinators are also involved from the very start of a campaign to its end, which means their role could involve providing content in the initial stages to deciding on advertising placement later on.

Skills needed to be a good Marketing Coordinator

As it is a creative role, Marketing Coordinators need to demonstrate a degree of initiative to be able to identify gaps in the market as potential opportunities for growth and to follow market trends to always know what the consumer will want next. You need to possess good analytical skills and a strong understanding of marketing campaigns and their suitability, as well as being able to listen and work in a marketing team to implement strategies together. You will also be in regular contact with Heads of Marketing as well as Marketing Executives. You will often have the assistance and help of Marketing Assistants.

It is normally expected a Marketing Coordinator will be able to perform at a top level, work to meet tight deadlines and work in a competitive and busy environment which is constantly changing. Moreover, with several years of experience in Marketing already under their belt, coordinators have demonstrated their ability to excel and are therefore ready to perform in a managerial role.

Earnings of a Marketing Coordinator

A Marketing Coordinator in London will earn on average £26,849 a year with the opportunity to progress into positions with more responsibilities in the same sector. With several years of experience in Marketing, a coordinator is able to excel and start working in a managerial role.

Marketing Coordinator in London

London provides one of the most rapidly changing marketing scenes. High competition amongst companies in order to develop and to deliver the most exciting products to their consumer in new and innovative ways. Estee Lauder, NBC Universal, creative production agencies and small start ups are some of the companies that will give you the opportunity to be a Marketing Coordinator in an array of different environments.

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