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Start working as a Portfolio Manager in London

London is a fantastic city to choose a position as a Portfolio Manager! The city is a renowned financial hub and is home to a huge variety of companies and businesses.

Working as a Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Managers are highly coveted careers in the Finance industry. Working in this role means interacting with lots of other financial employees, including Finance Officers, Researchers, and Key Account Managers. Ultimately, Portfolio Managers are responsible for making the final investment decision for private clients. These clients can vary hugely from individual and family investors, to huge multi-national corporations. Portfolio Managers are normally briefed by clients, who outline the objectives of their investments, they then compose a strategy and investment package and manage the risks and changes in the stock markets. Portfolio Managers - given their namesake - build up multiple clients and manage a number of investments at the same, therefore, building up their portfolio and reputation.

What is the daily routine of a Portfolio Manager

In terms of daily tasks, Portfolio Managers wake early to monitor the markets and search for potential investment opportunities, this will continue throughout the day until 12pm when the markets close for the day. The rest of the day will be spent researching trade deals, predicting next moves and projecting the findings back to the individual clients. Given the unpredictable and fast-paced nature of the stock markets, days can vary exceedingly, but this is an example of an average day.

Average earnings of a Portfolio Manager

In London, working as a Portfolio Manager, you can expect to earn around £80,000 per year, which is well above the national average of £67,000. Wages depend on the number and size of clients a Portfolio Manager holds, as well as bonuses based on performance. As these roles are highly respected, wages can reach over £100,000.

What companies can you work for?

Major recruiters include global banks like Barclays and HSBC, right through to smaller independent agencies. To succeed in this role, you must be very efficient and be able to cope with large amounts of pressure and fast decisions. You must also have an intrinsic knowledge of economics and financial theory. Communication skills, determination and a hungry nature are also vital for success.

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