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Interested in a Quality Management position in London?

There are plenty of opportunities for positions as a Quality Manager in London. If you enjoy looking at product specifications and are detail-oriented, this may be the job for you! You can expect to make around £38,000 but the salary is dependent on previous experience and the size of the company.

Working in quality management requires a very unique set of skills that prospective employeers would like to see. Being meticulous when combing over product reports and setting standards and procedures is a vital component to the job, as is monitoring and overseeing production efficiency. These aspects of the job are quite similar to what may be expected from a Supply Chain Manager. But there's a more creative aspect to the job, as well. Finding new ways to streamline production or discover areas of waste that would better utilise the existing infrastructure and means of production all require the ability to see new avenues of improvement.

If this sounds appealing, you might consider looking at a position as a Risk Manager if the numbers side is more your thing, or as an Actuary if the numbers are really your thing. But if you're enjoying the more creative aspects of quality management, then try taking a look at Marketing Analyst positions.

And while London sees the bulk of quality management positions, don't forget to take a look at jobs in Manchester or Leeds.

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