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Work as a Sales Coordinator in London

Sales coordinator jobs are one of the many Sales jobs offered by London's job market, in a variety of different sectors meaning there is a place for everyone in this digital, financial and economic hub.

What is the role of Sales Coordinator?

Working as a sales coordinator often means maintaining a certain level of responsibility in directing and implementing sales strategies, delegating tasks within a Sales team and performing sales administration duties. You would have to be confident taking and following directives as set by the Head of Sales as well as meeting any targets set and possess the communication skills required to direct and advise a sales team and interact with clients.

What skills do you need?

To be able to be considered for such a role, you must be highly organised, motivated and able to perform in what can be a busy environment to drive product sales. This role will require a flexible manner of working to prioritise sales opportunities and ad hoc projects, a proactive personality to always be on the lookout for new ways to increase product sales and tech skills are often well considered, as we are seeing an influx in online sales and digital presence.

Being a Sales Coordinator in London

Sales coordinators in London earn more than their UK counterparts. Such salaries in London are averaging around £23,345 compared to the national average of £19,805 which makes London a desirable location for this role. In London, you have the chance to work for hospitality giants such as Hilton and Marriott International or publishing firm Penguin Random House.

Future opportunities as a Sales Coordinator

This role would allow you to build on previous years‘ sales experience, which usually is a requirement of an employer, as well as offering you the opportunity to work alongside Salesmen and the chance for promotion to roles such as Head of Sales.

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