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Begin your career as a Sales Representative in London

As a Sales Representative (or Sales Executive) you are responsible for selling goods or services to customers by understanding their needs and wants. London's large population and abundance of large businesses make the variety of customer types perfect for a Sales Representative position.

What is expected of a Sales Representative?

As a Sales Representative you are responsible for generating new leads to drive profit into the company and make links with potential partners to generate revenue. Sales Representatives must be excellent at customer-relations and so there is a need for great communication skills and an approachable manner. Given the often intense nature of the position, Sales Representatives must also have a great deal of ambition, drive and determination to succeed and thrive. Sales Representatives will often work with Sales Coordinators and report into a Head of Sales.

Industries for Sales Representatives

Sales Representatives are always needed in every type of industry hence why the roles are varied depending on the company. Possible employers with whom you can take a Sales Representative position are well-known retail giants like ASOS, large banks, such as Barclays and enterprising powerhouses like Bloomberg Enterprise Solutions.

Earnings of a Sales Representative in London

Working as a Sales Representative in London, you can expect to earn between £34,000 to £40,000 per annum. This figure is also normally topped up and subsidised based on performance with incentives and commission-based rewards.

Why be a Sales Representative in London?

London is an excellent place to work as a Sales Representative as the city has a huge diversity in terms of customer base and company choice meaning that although competition is high, the rewards and higher salary make the city the ideal place to pursue this career. Alternatively, Manchester and Liverpool are also great cities for Sales Representative roles.

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