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Telemarketing in London

London is a diverse and creative city with an abundance on offer, so every person will find a place that suits their particular needs and wishes. An abundance of companies in London means finding a Telemarketing role could provide you with the chance to expand and grow your career into other areas of Sales. Working in Telemarketing in London you can expect to earn an average of £23,000 per year - which is higher than the national average, proving the UK capital is a great place to start a Telemarketing career. You will often report into a Sales Manager, but may also liaise with the Head of Marketing, depending on the company.

Glasgow and Manchester are other UK cities that are great to pursue a Telemarketing job in.

What to expect as a Telemarketer

Telemarketing roles are intrinsic to sales teams. Telemarketers will use their communication skills to phone up potential clients to gage an understanding of their needs and to gain customer insight and feedback in order to place future sales. As a Telemarketer you are responsible for contacting customers to find out information, generate interest, and often try to sell products and services to the potential new leads and clients via the telephone.

Recommended Skills for a Telemarketing Role

To succeed in this area of business you need excellent communication skills, particularly a good telephone manner, a top marketing and negotiating style and be very organised. As a Telemarketer, you can work for a range of companies including specific telemarketing businesses and many contracts are started on a temporary basis, later leading to more full time and annual wages.

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