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Work as a Brand Manager in Manchester

Being a Brand Manager in Manchester holds a variety of varied and exciting benefits, including an attractive salary package and Manchester's range of industries and big companies to choose from.

The vital role of Brand Managers

Brand Managers are vital to businesses as they take charge of a product's image and try to use their relevance and positive publicity to grow and resonate with a customer base. They also must liaise with external clients while leading a team of Marketing Coordinators so the role requires a great deal of confidence, self-certainty and leadership. On a day-to-day basis, Brand Managers will need to develop and head up marketing strategies and initiatives for the company, while also watching current market activities and reacting to current events and affairs to tie in with marketing schemes, however, the exact nature of a Brand Manager's role will depend on the specific company and objective. The overall aim of a Brand Manager is to gain publicity and marketplace standing for a company or product, in order to boost sales and awareness of the brand. Specific marketing strategies are highly dependant on the brand but can include events, client interaction, sponsorships and paid advertisements.

Key qualities of an excellent Brand Manager

With these responsibilities in mind, Brand Managers must be creative and adaptable to new ideas and digital trends so that their campaigns are always cutting edge and relevant. They also need to be intuitive so that they can seek out potential campaigns and opportunities for market growth and new leads.

How to become a Brand Manager

Brand Managers normally work their way up the ladder from Marketing Executive, to Marketing Manager and then onto a Brand Manager position. You need many years of experience in the field of Marketing and Advertising to order to gain the skills needed to succeed as a Brand Manager. Such skills are normally gained through many years of experience in the fields of Marketing and Advertising. You can also progress on from Brand Manager positions to Head of Marketing roles.

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