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Work as a Credit Manager in Manchester

Taking a Credit Manager role in Manchester is the perfect opportunity to advance into a senior role within the Finance and Banking industry and build on previous Accounting experience.

The Credit Manager is primarily responsible for all aspects of credit and accounts which would involve the overseeing of all credit granting processes, assessing the validity of granting new credit, managing credit reviews and organising the return of credit. This role requires a candidate who has outstanding and proven numerical ability and who is analytically minded. You should have previous experience in Accounts and also experience in a managerial role as you will be supervising a team of Credit Analysts as well. As a Credit Manager you would work closely with the Head of Finance to align financial strategy, as well as keeping in touch with Tax Executives.

Your role will thus combine the overseeing of Accounts processes with the managing of an Accounts team. You will need to have certain soft skills to be able to manage relations with colleagues, agencies, insurance providers and clients and therefore need to be a skilled leader who has solid communication skills. To organise the credit department you will need to be able to work independently, under pressure and to deadlines. Furthermore, you will need to be able to think strategically to optimise all current processes and recommend improvements to the credit policy to senior management. For this you will need to be confident in proposing ideas, a strong negotiator and motivated to succeed.

A role at this level will normally require at least 5 years of experience in the relevant fields of Credit, Accounting and Finance, with proven experience at the top level of a company. Should you meet these criteria, in Manchester you could see yourself earning around £41,000 with additional benefits depending on your chosen company.

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