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Working as a Head of Marketing is a fantastic and exciting job, especially given Manchester's huge variety of industry and trade. Being the Head of Marketing in a company normally means you will be in charge of all Marketing and Communications related activity, both as far as company employees and the brand's marketing strategy is concerned. This means people who take on this role need to be easily reachable and ready to adapt to new situations in the media and their own trade to advise on how to best communicate news and campaigns.

Key qualities of a Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing roles require excellent communication skills, strong leadership and the ability to take responsibility and control of a team of employees. Good organisational skills like prioritising and thinking on one's feet are vital to the position. People employed in this position need to be ready to adapt at a moment's notice and should be strong multitaskers to juggle multiple projects at once. Communication skills are vital as clients and the press must be dealt with to portray a positive outlook to the media and press.

Salary expectations of a Head of Marketing in Manchester

In Manchester, a Head of Marketing in a company can expect to earn in the region of £68,000 a year. This salary is dependent on the size of business but can involve travelling funded by the company, as well as a company phone, car, or performance related bonuses.

Relevant experience needed to be a Head of Marketing

A Head of Marketing, as a senior position, will be expected to have amassed a lot of experience in the Marketing sector and have experience leading teams in a similar managerial role. As a management position, Head of Marketing staff will need to work at the highest professional level with top experience and skills. You will have to work closely with Head of Communications to manage strategy, and manage Marketing Coordinators.

Every sector will normally require a Head of Marketing, making this a coveted and transferable role, which you can hold in your desired industry.

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